Business strategy, Thought Leadership & Trendwatching

A marketing agency offering business strategy services? Ohhh, these guys overestimate themselves…We might indeed have to work on our modesty, but we have seen that we are well-positioned to help companies beyond just their marketing and communication strategies. Also, we have advised several leading global corporates on how to become a thought leader in their industry. On top of that, we see trends and know how to apply them to your sector and company. And to translate these into a business strategy. It’s in our nature. We love it.

Marketing communications strategy

A company without a marketing and communications strategy is like a Dutch bar without bitterballs. Without a decent strategy it will be hard to survive in today’s busy, busy space. We’ll sit down with you, spend hours or days if needed, and make sure there is a strategy that will make a difference and truly help your brand, profile and business stand out. And grow. From your positioning to your media approach. Everything that helps you stand out.

Brand development & Positioning

Strong brands make all the difference. Now and in the long run. Brands win hearts, brands survive crises. So does a distinctive positioning. East helps you to create a brand that people like and remember and to develop a winning positioning.


You can hire East as a part-time CMO. We won’t come in and sit at a desk every day, but we can offer you all the services that you can expect from a CMO: developing a marketing communications strategy, structuring your marketing organisation, coordinating marketing activities, you name it. We bring in specialists where needed, whether it’s a video editor, copy writer, developer, a designer. We make sure your marketing works. We call it CMO-as-a-service.

Media & Content strategy

Distinctive content. The right channels. Easier said than done. In a world with an endless number of (digital) channels, content has become the backbone of every marketing strategy. In any sector. But how to create impactful content? And should you go for owned, paid, earned or shared media? Or all of them? It all starts with understanding your market position and objectives. And to then get to the core of your company, products and services. East develops appealing content and media strategies that fit your goals. We make sure they make an impact.

Data & Insights

East is able to offer you relevant data and insights on your industry. To provide you with relevant market information on a regular basis. Let’s talk about what you need and how we can help.