We are…

East is an agency for fintech marketing. We help fintechs grow. We develop marketing strategies with only one goal: creating impact. We make sure your audiences see you, like you, engage with you. Depending on what the objectives are. That requires a smart and creative approach in a market that is crowded, global and highly competitive. An approach where creativity is a means to an end and not a goal, where timing is crucial and where a different choice can make all the difference. But above all, it requires a business partner you can build on and who can accelerate whenever you need to.

While East develops and guards the strategy and execution, we work with specialists worldwide to have the best team for the job. That makes us highly flexible and it enables us to tap into any up-to-date knowledge or capability that is available somewhere in the world. So yes, we are an agency, but let’s say we are an agency new style.



We see…

This globe is not only turning digital very quickly, consumer behaviour is also changing at an unprecedented pace. People want it now and it better be good. And personalised. It’s the era of experience. Patience is out of fashion. And although patience is not our biggest strength either (we hope you see that as a strength, too;) we love to do things amazingly well. East will never compromise on quality. Go East and find out yourself.

The founder


Before starting East, Diederik Heinink was working for nearly 3,5 years with ING, the Amsterdam headquartered global bank. At this digital leader in banking, he was responsible for global marketing communications of the bank’s fintech and innovation activities. He helped build ING's innovation profile globally and launched and positioned ING's (over 160) fintech partnerships around the globe, as well as ING Ventures and its investments.

He has over 20 years of experience in EMEA, APAC and US region as a trusted advisor to top management (Board level) of large listed corporates, mid-corporates as well as startups. He ran a couple of own ventures before East, among which a marketing & communications consultancy in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.

By the way, he wrote a book about his time in Asia. Check it out here (still only available in Dutch though, sorry).

For more information view his Linkedin profile.