Agency for fintech marketing

Hello there.
We are East.
Agency for fintech marketing.


We love to help fintechs and disruptive companies grow. We develop smart marketing strategies and make sure they work. Which simply means: making sure your audiences see you, like you and engage with you. Read more about us, or dive straight into our services.


East is in our heart.


We didn’t just come up with the agency name for fun. We have something with ‘east'. East refers to three meanings, reflected in the three layers of the logo. It is where the sun rises: a reference to startups and scaleups. It is also the part of the world where fintech is growing rapidly and where founder Diederik Heinink has lived for years. Last but not least, East was founded in the creative, entrepreneurial and multicultural eastern part of Amsterdam.

So with east in our heart, we love to help disruptive companies stand out. Read more about us, why we think we stand out and how we can help you.