Why East

Of course we are very creative. Of course we come up with really smart strategies. And of course we produce compelling content. If a marketing communications agency wouldn’t do all this, they’re in the wrong business. But what really distuingishes East?


1. We speak your language

First of all, East has been active in big and smaller corporates. So we speak your language and know exactly how the corporate and business play works. That’s a combination you don’t often find. This matters, because we truly understand a client and its culture, and we know every client is different. At the same time, we are entrepreneurs and have the agility you need.

We know the trends that impact your business. We know what channels, conferences, media and marketing methods are available and are the best fit best for you.

2. We do what we promise

We might have a good sales pitch, but what we deliver is what it’s all about. At East, we truly deliver what we say. And we are not modest in what we say. And we never ever compromise on quality. That’s a promise.

3. Platform approach

East is connected to a wide and global ecosystem of specialists in the field of marketing, communications, media and digital. Whatever your need is, we will find someone who is best for the job. We have constant access to worldwide trends, insights, knowledge and capabilities. We make sure we have the right skills on the job for you.

But platform or not, East will always be your first point of contact and will be guarding the strategy and execution. And of course we’re always there to challenge you. Or to just listen.

4. We really love what we do

We love marketing. We love communications. And we love making impact. Doing something you love feels natural. And that makes you perform better. And better performers have happier clients. We love that, too.